International Insurance

Whether you are a business traveler, studying abroad, visiting from overseas or even a career missionary primarily living outside the U.S., you should consider purchasing international medical coverage.



We offer a wide range of travel insurance plans to protect you and your loved ones if the unexpected happens.

  • Multi Trip - For those that travel frequently throughout the year, consider an annual multi trip plan. Get Quotes

  • Group Travel - For groups of five or more travelers, our group plans save you money while providing the same coverage as an individual plan. Get Quotes

  • Missionary Coverage - For missionaries traveling for a short duration, we provide medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage. Get Quotes



Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience for a college student. By studying overseas, students can experience the allure of a different culture, with exciting new customs and activities. You can protect those special moments by purchasing medical insurance, or if you already have coverage, we can also provide evacuation and repatriation plans.

  • Study Abroad - Protect yourself from unexpected medical emergencies when studying abroad for any duration. Get Quotes

  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) - Students on an F-1 visa and are on an OPT program, can purchase a specific medical plan to suit their needs. Get Quotes

  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation - If your school already provides medical insurance for your trip, then consider medical evacuation and repatriation insurance to meet specific requirements. Get Quotes

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Whether you are on an extended business trip, retiree, marine crewmember, or a career missionary primarily living overseas, consider purchasing international private medical insurance (iPMI), which are long term medical plans.

  • Expatriates - Coverage for individuals and families living primarily outside the US such as expatriates, retirees, or others. Expatriate health insurance provides annually renewable medical insurance. Get Quotes

  • Marine Crew - If you are a marine crewmember, captian, or in the cruise ship industry, most of your time is spent outside the US. Long term international health insurance can provide valuable coverage where you need it. Get Quotes

visitors insurance

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For relatives visiting the United States, protect them from the high medical costs from an unexpected injury or illness by purchasing visitors medical insurance. Get instant quotes from multiple companies, compare plans side by side and purchase instantly. For more information about visitors insurance, especially what services are not covered, please click learn more.


international students (f1/f2)

International student insurance that satisfies the medical requirements of many US universities. Waiver form completion assistance available. Get Quotes

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Exchange Visitors (J1/J2)

The J visa category insurance meets the U.S. Department of State requirements, including medical evacuation and repatriation. Get Quotes

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Schengen Visa

Schengen visa insurance is required in order to get a Schengen visa. Get an instant visa letter after purchase. Get Quotes